How to Create More Flexibility in Your Business

What do happy, successful, balanced mom entrepreneurs have in common? They’ve figured out a way to create leverage and freedom in their business.


To leverage your business means to multiply the impact of your work so that you can give more value to more people without working more hours. It means that you can have one person receiving your brilliance, your value, your information, or you could have 100 or 1000 people receiving it, and you do the same amount of work.

In a service business, you typically work one to one. If you were able to take the information that you are sharing with one client at one particular time, and share it with, let’s say, 20 clients at the same time (and everyone pays you because they are all getting valuable guidance), that is leverage.

Teaching a class to a room full of people is a leveraged way to share your information. Transcribing that class and turning it into a book that you sell to an additional group of people is another way to leverage your information. The Laptop Mom System shows you many ways to leverage.


A freedom-based business means that you do the work once, and then people can purchase your work from you for a long time afterwards.

One example is giving a class and recording it. You do the work to prepare the class. You write your outline. You may create worksheets and handouts. Then you present the class, and… your work is done. But now this recorded class can be purchased over and over and over (while you are on vacation, while you are taking the kids to school, while you are sleeping).

Another benefit of a freedom-based business is that you can do your work on your own schedule. You still have to get things done if you want your business to be successful, but you don’t have to do things under someone else’s rules. You can do your work when you want and where you want.

Start leveraging the work you do, and you will create more freedom, more flexibility, more income. If you’d like a specific, step-by step system for creating a leveraged, freedom-based lifestyle, grab your own copy of the Laptop Mom SUCCESS System. It walks you through literally the exact steps I took to transform my service-based business model into a flexible, profitable, rewarding Laptop Mom business.

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